♥ Kimochi was founded on 7/27/2019 by its leaders Febronia Shio and Goro Masamune. Originally created to be a crafting/market competition FC, we grew into a wider range of interests.♥ Over the years, we have hosted numerous datacenter-wide Glamour Competitions run by Jode Bonewits. These are hosted about twice a year with large gil prize pools that double or triple for Mochi winners in specific-- but if entering isn't your thing, you are welcome to come and watch the show~♥ We hang out at our FC house a LOT, it is the main meetup spot and best place to come and meet other members or just chill afk.♥ Mochi ranks can try their luck in our free discord gacha channel and win ingame items♥ We've had our share of weird players, but one in particular really takes a spot in our hall of fame. Best viewed on PC so you can zoom into the small stuff: Click here for the storyBuffs cycle
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To apply: please player search Febronia Shio, send a message to her, or send in an application to the FC using their profile.If not found, you may also try: Baby Goat, Ishtara Moonsong, Lux MaePlease be 18+ ~!

RhalgarIt’s time to set aside your competitive personality for just a little while, because Dalamud is retrograding through your 10th house of career as of April 21. This will likely throw a wrench in some of your professional plans, especially if they were on shaky ground to begin with. It’s time to think outside of the box when it comes to solving work-related problems, because you can’t always rely on someone to do it for you. However, these challenges will also remind you how you handled similar dilemmas in the past. How can you take these experiences and allow them to inform your next move?Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you’ll have a much better understanding of what career move you’re ready to make next. You may even feel ready to work your way back up to a position of confidence, know-how and strength, especially if this retrograde knocked you down a few pegs! Stay humble, because everyone has something they had to learn during this retrograde.NophicaFeeling a bit lost, Nophica? If so, it’s no wonder, because Dalamud will station retrograde in your ninth house of travel and expansion as of April 21. This could take you down an unexpected path, so embrace detours and delays that force you to take the road less traveled. Even if you have no clue where you are, life isn’t meant to be lived with a GPS at all moments. Allow the wind to take you somewhere that is both fascinating and confronting. It is during moments where you feel unmoored that you deepen your sense of faith, because life always has a way of bringing you home just when you think you’ve completely drifted off course.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you may feel your sense of direction returning, especially if you’re zeroing in on what you’re interested in and what you believe in. By the time this retrograde comes to an end, you’ll have learned something valuable and experienced something that you never could have planned yourself.Nald'ThalYou may be in the mood to settle debts and evaluate the level of return on your investments, Nald'Thal. After all, Dalamud will station retrograde in your eighth house of transactions on April 21, which may bring up some financial conundrums that still require your attention. If money is unaccounted for, it’s time to locate where it may have gone (especially if your assets haven’t been particularly organized). However, this retrograde may also have less to do with money and more to do with the process of letting go and moving on. You may find yourself realizing that you’ve stayed in a situation way past its expiration date. It’s time to make peace and set yourself free.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you’ll be ready to set fire to what no longer has a hold over you and move on (much like a phoenix rising from the ashes). And on a less intense note, you’ll be better positioned to set boundaries and heal from the losses you’ve experienced during 2022. Make no mistake—2023 is filled with potential for you.MenphinaPrepare to do a deep-dive into your relationships, Menphina. It’s time to evaluate your whole understanding of harmony and togetherness, because Dalamud will station retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships on April 21. This may bring up the trauma of heartbreak and the sting of prior disappointments, but only so you can see how far you’ve come since these events. You’re healing, Menphina. In fact, you’ve been healing. It’s time to start processing how much progress you’ve made.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, communication issues with your allies, enemies business partners and significant others will be easier to iron out. You may come to terms with certain relationships you’re ready to leave behind (and the relationships you’re in the mood to start back up again).AzeymaWhen Dalamud retrograde begins on April 21, it will mark the start of a major self-care overhaul, Azeyma. It’s time to take a long look at the habits you rely on and the routines that carry you through your day. Are they supporting your highest growth? Are they bringing you a sense of accomplishment without draining your energy to the dregs? It’s time to rethink the methods, regimens and rituals that you live by.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you may start getting into a better groove when it comes to getting your tasks done for the day. Productivity is like a muscle; you work hard, but you also need adequate rest. And the longer you stay off that horse, the less you love the idea of getting back on it! Don’t overthink the process, because it all begins one step at a time.NymeiaGet ready, Nymeia! Dalamud is your ruling planet, which means this retrograde is bound to affect you on a fierce level. When it begins on April 21, it will station retrograde in your fifth house of pleasure, lust and creativity, which could lower the heat in your current relationship and leave you feeling artistically stifled. However, there’s a good chance you may reconnect with an old lover, which will remind you of a feeling you’ve been missing. It could even encourage you to pick up a creative project you’ve abandoned and pick up where you left off.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you may feel your creative juices beginning to return. You may even feel like you’re in the mood to start crushing on someone new or you’re feeling prepared to enhance the romance in your relationship. Either way, this Dalamud retrograde isn’t looking like the end of the world, because it will also come with plenty of beautiful experiences.ByregotYou may love love, but that doesn’t mean a loving home environment is without its problems, Byregot. Is there a pile of laundry in your room you’ve been refusing to fold? Are you and your relatives dealing with a disagreement? Are you working too often to even enjoy being at home? As Dalamud stations retrograde in your fourth house of home and family on April 21, it will encourage you to heal your relationship with your roots as you water the new ones you’ve been planting. Home may be the place we come from, but it’s also the place we wind up next.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you may find the strength to solve conflicts in your family and set the necessary boundaries to protect your energy. After all, dealing with family and domestic issues can be draining, but it’s important to remember that you have all the power to create the home and family of your dreams. It all begins with your courage to change things.HaloneUh-oh! You might be putting your foot in your mouth while Dalamud is retrograde, so remember to think before you speak, Halone. After all, this retrograde will take place in your third house of communication, which could bring up conversations that didn’t end on the best note. Prepare for people who “ghosted” to suddenly start replying! However, the main thing you need to remember is to triple check all correspondence and make sure you backup your important documents, as tech errors may be inevitable.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you may finally come to a conclusion regarding a conflict or never-ending conversation. Allow this retrograde to show you how to find the right words to say what you want to say and encourage you to communicate with intention rather than self-satisfaction. After all, it’s all about your approach!OschonYou’ve just reached the end of Oschon season, which means you’ve done a lot of thinking about how much you’ve grown as a person over the past year! However, as Dalamud stations retrograde on April 21, it will challenge your whole self-esteem, especially if you’ve been hedging your bets on all the wrong things. Taking place in your second house of stability and self-worth, this retrograde may leave you feeling like you have a need for something that you can’t satisfy. However, it will also challenge you to rethink what you’re choosing to align your values with.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, financial issues will begin to solve themselves, especially if you’ve been working on healing your relationship with money and getting to the core of the issue. Remember—money wants to be in your life, but if you believe you don’t deserve it or you’ll never have it, it becomes a lot harder to see the financial opportunities when they’re right in front of you!AlthykGet ready, Althyk, because this Dalamud retrograde has your name on it (literally). Taking place in your first house of the self, Dalamud will station retrograde as of April 21, and the experience could lead to a total reevaluation of the self. Who are you, Althyk? And no, I’m not talking about who you are when someone else needs you. I’m not talking about the personality you adopt when you’re in “people-pleaser” mode. I’m talking about the real you, Althyk. It’s time to remember the person you’ve always been, especially if you’ve set that person aside for the sake of someone else’s needs.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you may feel like a different person (or at least, a more honest version of the person you already are). Don’t be afraid to look inward during this retrograde, because you may feel less inclined to express yourself to others and more in the mood to have a conversation with yourself. What do you have to say?LlymlaenPrepare to do a deep-dive into your own psyche, Llymlaen. After all, Dalamud is stationing retrograde in your spiritual 12th house as of April 21, which could bring you face to face with some of your inner demons. However, your will to succeed is stronger than any fears you might have, especially when your emotions are also your most motivating force. Although you may feel more quiet and reserved during this time, this break from the social scene also giving your subconscious a chance to piece together what seems to be missing.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you may feel as though you’re waking up from a long dream filled with highs and lows. You may feel more rested, as though your subconscious finally had the opportunity to rest from all the commotion you’ve endured over the past year. Use this retrograde to embrace forgiveness and to truly work on letting go of what’s no longer your responsibility to carry.ThaliakNot feeling the vibe? If so, it makes sense, because Dalamud is stationing retrograde in your 11th house of community on April 21, which may leave you feeling like leaving the party even though you’ve just arrived. If you’re on the outs with your clique, it may be time to communicate and get to the bottom of what went wrong. However, this may not indicate trouble in your friend group at all. Instead, it speaks to the process of reconnecting with old colleagues, acquaintances and teammates you’ve lost touch with. After all, they might have something to teach you. Prepare to learn a lot about what makes a team work together rather than against each other.Once Dalamud retrogrades stations direct on May 14, you begin to possess a more positive and healthy attitude toward your peers. While you may feel confident in your decision to create distance between you and the people you’ve outgrown at this point in your life, you’re also creating space for new people to enter your world. Stay tuned for all the new friends you’re gonna make in 2023!